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Current issue : #68 | Release date : 2012-04-14 | Editor : The Phrack Staff
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Title : Loopback
Author : The Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Inc.==

                Volume 0x0e, Issue 0x44, Phile #0x05 of 0x13

|=------------------------=[  L O O P B A C K  ]=------------------------=|
|=-------------------------=[  Phrack Staff  ]=--------------------------=|

    Hi there!

The least we could say is that p67 caught the attention of a lot of people.
We got a very good feedback both IRL, on IRC and through the comments on 
the website. Good. As you will soon find out, we had quite a bunch of
(un)interesting mails this year which we would like to share obviously ;>
Before going further, a quote from the last loopback is necessary:

We humbly apologize to all guys we never answered to neither by mail nor
through this phile because we suck at filtering our spam (this could
_absolutely_ not be a laziness issue, right?)

That said, we have to thank all the people that (un)voluntarily sent their
contributions, whatever these were.

As you will see, a polemic started with the release of the last scene phile
as several people felt a bit disappointed (to say the least) by the 
description of the gr33k scene.

So let's explain a few things about the context of its writing:
    - The writing itself is small and oriented because the authors didn't
    have the time to do better.
    - We (the phrack staff) are the ones who asked them for such a phile
    and being in a hurry we couldn't give more than a couple of weeks to
    the authors. Clearly they *SAVED* our sorry ass and they did it for
    you, the community. Sincere apologies of the staff if this was not good
    - (Greek) people may argue that the description was not accurate itself
    but as you can remember, it was written with the idea of being
    completed in this release:

            Volume 0x0e, Issue 0x43, Phile #0x10 of 0x10
In this brief article we will attempt to give an overview of the current 
state of the Greek computer underground scene. However, since the strictly
underground scene in Greece is very small, we will also include some
information about other active IT security related groups and forums. There
is a going to be a second part to this article at a future issue in which 
we will present in detail the past of the underground Greek scene in all 
its gory glory.                  ---

And they kept their promise with the help of some notorious big shots
of the greek hacking scene.

To the bunch of losers/masturbating monkeys who are still complaining:

                                |   |
                                |   |
                                |   |
                             /'\|   |/'\..
                         /~\|   |   |   | \
                        |   =[@]=   |   |  \
                        |   |   |   |   |   \
                        | ~   ~   ~   ~ |`   )
                        |                   /
                         \                 /
                          \               /
                           \    _____    /
                            | (( +==)) |

Don't worry, we published your side of the story as well. And now is time 
for our little ... hem ... group therapy session ;-)

                                    -- The Phrack Staff

|--=[ 0x00 - Phrack .VS. the social networks ]=--------------------------=|

From: Unix Root <1161967623738704101@mail.orkut.com>
Subject: orkut - Unix Root wants you to join orkut!

Unix Root wants you to join orkut.

    [ Unix Root himself, seriously? ]

Join now!

    [ id has been replaced to protect the innocent (us) ]

  * * *

What you can do on orkut:
  - CONNECT with friends and family using scraps and instant messaging
  - DISCOVER new people through friends of friends and communities
  - SHARE your videos, pictures, and passions all in one place

    [ Sounds like it would change my life. ]

Help Center: http://help.orkut.com/support/

    [ To tell you the truth, help won't be necessary at this point :> ]


From: ***** ***** <thehackernews@gmail.com>
Subject: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- *****

    [ What if we do not intend to do business with you? ]

**** ****
Owner at The Hacker News
New Delhi Area, India

Confirm that you know **** *****

(c) 2011, LinkedIn Corporation

|--=[ 0x01 - <?php include($teaMp0isoN) ?> ]=----------------------------=|

From: Poison Blog <p0isonblog@ymail.com>
Subject: TeaMp0isoN: Issue 1

My first ever zine, read it and let me know what you think. hoping it gets
published in the next phrack magazine.

    [ Hem. So basically this is a new concept: publishing a zine inside
      another zine. And we even got 0day-hashes in the process. WIN/WIN ]

- TriCk

|--=[ 0x02 - The usual mails  ]=-----------------------------------------=|

    [ Have you ever been curious about the kind of mail we are used to
      receive? Let's have a taste. ]


From: skywalker <oyyj07@gmail.com>
Subject: how can I get the source code

hello, I found some source code in phrack Magazine, but it is attach with
text mode, how can I get it?

    [ Download the paper in "text mode". Then comment everything inside
      that is not the code you want to compile and fire gcc.
      It might work. If it doesn't mail nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr for help. ]


From: Nikol Eleutheriou <nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr>
Subject: Phrack issue 58

How can i get the binary-encryption.tar.gz
from the article Runtime binary encryption?

    [ You can't; it's encrypted. I think oyyj07@gmail.com has the password.
      You should get in touch with him. ]


From: stephane.camprasse@free.fr
Subject: edition 64 infected by OSX:Niqtana

Hello there,

tar.gz of the magazine number 64 appears to be infected:


    [ Wow. Sounds like a serious issue. What should we do? ]

Kind Regards

Stephane Camprasse, CISSP

    [ At first we wanted to laugh, then we saw you are serious business. ]


From: Domenico ****** <jmimmo82@gmail.com>
Subject: Mailing Lists Phrack

Dear Phrack Staff

I would like to subscribe at mailing lists of Phrack but email
addresses provided by the site not exist.

    [ That's because there is no ML, dude. ]

What do you advise me?

    [ Well, keep looking. ]

Best Regards
Domenico *******


From: Robert Simmons <rsimmons0@gmail.com>
Subject: phrack via email

Do you have a mailing list that sends phrack out via email, or at least an
email reminder to go download it?

    [ We don't. What would be the point in a bloggo/twitto world where
      information spreads that fast? ]



From: Elias <thesaltysalmon@gmx.com>
Subject: How do i subscribe?

As the title says, how do i subscribe to Phrack?

    [ Since you're not polite we won't accept your subscription. Don't
      mail us again. Please. ]


From: William Mathis <scotti@uniss.it>
Subject: One paper can change everything!

    [ New submission???? :D ]

What do I mean? Of course the Diploma.

    [ 0wned. Deception is part of the game :-/ ]

It is no secret that the knowledge, skills and experience play a crucial
role in getting the desired position, but despite the formality when
applying for a job essential requirement is a diploma! At the moment
receive a diploma is very expensive, takes time and power.


    [ Can we send our order in via PDF? You have to open it with
      Acroread 9.x though, since you're only worth an 0lday to us.
      Thank you for playing "rm me harder" w/ phrackstaff! ]

|--=[ 0x03 - Desperate house wifes  ]=-----------------------------------=|

From: Luna Tix <lunatix@linuxmail.org>
Subject: A request regarding pdf files

   [ Our resident Adobe consultant is currently on holidays. We do have our
     .txt specialists however. ]


I have downloaded some adobe 3d files from a website, and need them to be
converted into autodesk inventor ipt files.

    [ You've knocked on the right door. ]

Can you teach me how to do this? If yes, I can send you some of the files
for trial, if you are successful, I am willing to pay for it.

    [ Excellent! How much can you pay exactly? Our local liquor store no
      longer accepts PDF conversion techniques in exchange for beer. ]

All the best.



From: sabrina <sabrina*******@gmail.com>
Subject: don't know where to go

i'm in need of someone to help me in a cyber cat burglar kind of way.
i've tried all the legal ways... police, fbi, fed trade commission all to
busy with terrorist.

    [ Now that they've caught Osama, they should have some free time. Try
      to contact them again. ]

i can go to a detective then civil lawyer but that would take way too mush
time and an exorbitant amount of money.

   [ Clearly, you've mistaken us for the cheap option. ]

i need someone to find information
on exactly where someone is located. i have email address, cell phone and
bank account numbers ...

    [ Do you have GPS coordinates? ]

I'm hoping to find or at least be lead to some one who is very creative in
using their computer. my only goal is to locate this person, i'm not out to
steal or do any harm.

    [ I know some very creative people. They compose music on their
      computer! For realz! Would that help you? ]

if you think you can help me i'll give you my phone number,  i can then
better explain why this way for me would be the only way to go,  i lost 20
years of my life's hard work, i just want to locate this person.

    [ Wow, sorry for being so hard on you with the previous comments,
      Sabrina. It is obvious to us now that you are clearly retarded.
      Please leave a comment on the website with your phone number. We'll
      get back to you. ]

thank you

|--=[ 0x04 - Cooperation  ]=---------------------------------------------=|

From: Monika ****** <monika.******@software.com.pl>
Subject: cooperation

Dear Sir or Madam

    [ It's professor actually. ]

My name is Monika *********. I represent Hakin 9'- IT Security magazine
(for more details, please see our website www.hakin9.org). I would be very
much interested in long term cooperation with your company.

    [ Our company? :D ]

We would co-promote our services and spread the information on IT Security

    [ Well the problem is that we don't have that many services:
        - 7-bit cleaning of ASCII papers, we are considered the market
          leaders in this service
        - Spam hunting with advanced regexp (i.e. matching ANTISPAM in the
        - Mail storage, no backups though :(
        - Technical review of papers when we understand them
      See? That's not too much :-/
      But thanks for the kind offer. PHRACK could totally use the promotion
      of such a well established magazine as h8king (or whatever). ]

 I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

    [ Don't call us, we'll call you! ]

 Best Regards,

Monika ********

Software Press

|--=[ 0x05 - Help is requested! (again) ]=-------------------------------=|

From: Kevin **** <********@att.net>
Subject: Help with Persistent BIOS Infection

Hope you can help. I have a small video business and from my son's school
flashdrive my network of computers are infected with Persistent BIOS
Infection. My hard drive's have been rearranged with FAT segments and i
believe is running my XP/Win7 OS's as a virtual machine.

    [ Unfortunately Joanna is not part of the staff. But we have the
      feeling that your analysis of the situation could be improved :> ]

This has caused my rendering performance to be ruduced by 50%. Also when i
make DVD's the infection is on the disc and from complants it infected
other machines. My software is legit and i don't download anything.

    [ Of course. Who does anyway? Your son perhaps :> ]

I'm new (6yrs) to computers, i some what know what to do but not really.

    [ So you know but you don't know. That's good, have the half of you
      that knows guide the other half that doesn't. You can't go wrong. ]

I have killed my network and now keep all computers separate but know
somehow i will get the infection back.

    [ You killed the poor network? :-/ ]

Could someone make me a batch file or better yet a ISO to boot and fix my
Bios and memory so it has Persistent BIOS Infection that is null. Giving
back my rendering power. Making it so i can't get this infection again.

   [ Just a thought: maybe if you didn't run arbitrary batch files that
     "someone" sent you, you wouldn't have this problem in the first
     place. But most probably that's not it. It must be a 'Persistent BIOS
     Infection' problem. ]

Maybe send me a zip file to my email address. Pleezz
I would be more than happy to donate for the cause.

    [ And yet another person willing to give us money. We should really run
      a company :D ]

Thank You
Kevin ****


From: shashank **** <**********@gmail.com>
Subject: hey

i was searching some hacking forums site, & found one of the "phrack

    [ Then you failed. It's not a forum kid :) ]

It was pretty interesting. Can you help me out on how to hack Steam

    [ Do you have a paypal account? ]


From: David ***** <dfg******@yahoo.com>
Subject: RootKit Iphone 4g

Hey i was recently on your website and well i was looking for something to
mess with my friends, see were all in the same class and we all connect to
the same network/router thing, and you hve to login to gain acess to the
network, so i was wondering if there was a way to control my friends
computer with mine while were hook to the network.

    [ XD ]


|--=[ 0x06 - About the scene philes ]=-----------------------------------=|

From: Prashant KV <bug@null.co.in>
Subject: Thank You

    [ You're very welcome. ]

I would like say thanks each and every individual in Phrack team for
publishing our article. This will go a long way in creating awareness about
null community.
Thanks all....

    [ And thank you for the scene phile. Always a pleasure to exchange with
      interesting/nice people. ]


From: Hackers News <thehackernews@gmail.com>
Subject: Article Editing

    [ HEY!!! You're the guy who tried to befriend us on linkedin!!! ]

Hello Sir,
We are admin of "*The Hacker News*" : *http://www.thehackernews.com/* . We
read an article on your Website :
I wanna ask you that on what basis you write about "*Indian Cyber Army :
http://www.cyberarmy.in/*" .

*   Fake ICA. There is yet another ICA (cyberarmy.in) which is announced as
    fake ICA by the actual ICA group. One glance at the website content
    tells you that there is some truth to what the actual ICA(indishell)
    guys and other say and reminds you of the infamous plagiarism cases
    (Ah! Any Indian h4x0r's favourite topic when they feel like bitching
    about something :-P)*

*Whatever you write is not fair and I think it represents the mistake
done by you, that you write about a group without knowing about them,
Read This : *


*and I think you should 1st know about it. Hope you will edit the
article.... as soon as possible.*

    [ You may or may not be right and clearly we don't have enough
      information to judge. For the sake of the truth and freedom of
      speech, we are posting your comment. ]


    [ No prob dude. ]


*The Hacker News...*


    [ The following is a mail that we received several times between the
      21st and the 22nd of June... As we said in the introduction, a few
      greek people were angry because of the scene phile. Because we're
      (not that much) bastards, we felt that these people deserved the
      right to be published as well. So here it is...

      Oh and they even pasted it in the comments! ]

From: xak xak0r <xak3ri@hotmail.com>
Subject: Greek Hacking Scene is alive!

From: Unkn0wn <unknown.ws1@gmail.com>
Subject: GHS - read this message

From: Spyros Kous <spirou1988@hotmail.com>
Subject: GHS for you.

From: nikos piperos <piperos_22@hotmail.com>
Subject: By <GHS>

From: ****** ******* <deathlyrhymer@hotmail.com>
Subject: greek.hacking.scene

    [ Sorry, due to ASCII constraints we had to censor the name of this
      guy :D ]

From: Stephen O'Neill <apple-whore@hotmail.com>
Subject: 0xghs

    [ You've got your hex wrong dude ]

From: Brian Higgins <bhiggins69@hotmail.com>
Subject: **************************

    [ Hey next time write the subject in english please :) ]

From: eibhlin mcnamara <mcnamara105@hotmail.com>
Subject: G*H*S - always here

    [ A sibling of Sean maybe? ]

From: nikpa pfcc <aeknik@hotmail.com>
Subject: Greek Hacking Scene - Read your errors

From: nikpa papaa <nikpa21@gmail.com>
Subject: Greek Hacking Scene - Read your errors

   [ Yeah, we ordered the lamb gyros with extra pita and tzatziki. None of
     you guys delivered. Worst Greek Hacking Scene evar! Would not order 
     from you again. ]

From: NIKO*** *ANTAZO*OY*** <aeknik@yahoo.gr>
Subject: Read this, about errors - GHS

    [ This one had his name only partially encrypted. ]

From: kondor fromGHS <kondorghs@gmail.com>
Subject: Greek Hacking Scene

    [ Hey Kevin Mitnick? :) ]

Nice to see Greek Hacking Scene on Phrack, but very sad to say that there
is no connection of all those with reality. This post represents something
that even doesn't exist except theory.

In the other hand, is not mentioned technological steps and targets that
Greek Hacking Scene archived, not in theory, but in actions.

However in the References i see nothing trust source, while you avoid posts
on newspapers, magazines and tv about Greek Hacking Scene.

Maybe Phrack can't handle the name of GHS and writing about fantasies.
Greek Hacking Scene is not a group, team or crew etc. but is ideology of
decades, is not about fame, but is about targets, technology and advance.
You must know that GHS does NOT follow things such "Hackers Manifesto" and
is well known that this person take back what he said about this manifesto
in shake to save him from things. He even does NOT defence his ideology,
how then we can accept such thing?! Basically we are what we create and we
gonna call hacking what we think hacking is, you can call us as you want,
but this can't change our actions, we not negotiate our ideology and we are
not followers of any paid, fantasy or theory ideologies. We rage against
machine, the system. Is good that Phrack exist cuz keep the magic to those
who want to be related with hacking. While you keep the feeling of magic to
your readers, we know that is all about coding, methodology and how far
each mind can think to do things.

For those who forgets, security is a part of hacking, security is not
hacking. Hacking is every electronic violation, violation doesn't mean that
is illegal always. As a term, hacking is every electronic violation.

About Greek Hacking Scene you forget to mention a lot of groups and people
(and is not about names) who they did things and they left lot of stuffs
behind. Those people and groups they never care about their nicknames or
the name of the group cuz is useless, can be any nickname or group name, at
the end what it left, is what had created. Who make it, it doesn't matter
really cuz those who make it as share they do it cuz they want.

If is to write about things that are not related with the true and reality,
better don't write about Greek Hacking Scene. You can write for posers and
others who they want fame, but not for GHS. You can write fantasy, stories,
anything you like, but as long as is not connected with reality and true,
then don't write about Greek Hacking Scene. Maybe you can write for any
other Greek Hacking Scene you want or you believe, but mention also that is
not connected all those stories with Greek Hacking Scene (GREEK SENTENCE).

    [ GREEK SENTENCE is something written in greek that we could not
      translate nor write in the phile because of the greek alphabet. ]


Your article forgets to write about DefCon meetings that take place in
Greece, and of course about the unique Codehack meetings that shows live
Hacking. Or even is not mentioned things such SpyAdmin and Firehole, or
what about Hash, Phrapes, Cdx, r00thell, hackgr and more?! What about the
references on magazines, newspapers and tv? What about the members of Greek
Hacking Scene that works on penetration testing companies or making atm
softwares and banking or those who works in known computers and servers
companies and they create technology?!

About the grhack (that nobody knows) is those guys from auth that got
hacked their servers and their pcs and tooked personal files of them?

Check this link:

I read slasher?! This person who has the grhack site that you took as
reference?! With the name ********** **********?!

    [ Publishing an individual's real name is against our rules. You
      got away with it in the comment section once. ]

Oh come on, i have also beautiful pictures who they poser as engineers!
Oh now i got it! They write about their selfs! How smart... what a fame...
what a pose!

Before you write anything about Greek Hacking Scene take a look to the
targets. We have down anarchist such indymedia sites, and also nationalist
sites, as well he hacked into Goverment sites, political parties, national
services, and of course all the hacking-security related greek sites who
they offer only theory and lies that has no connection with reallity and

And i guess so you promote the Anarchy?! So don't forget Phrack to mention
that everything you wrote is about Anarchy, not about hacking.

Greek Hacking Scene has members from all political sides and we have things
in common we work for.

This is grhack.net, this is the guy that send hopeless messages to google
blogspot to DOWN the info that SpyAdmin post, passwords, files, everything!

->> Slasher is nameless@ (LoCo En El CoCo)
->> Slasher is on: #grhack #anarchy

--ChanServ-- Information for channel #grhack:
--ChanServ--         Founder: Slasher
--ChanServ--     Description: GR Hack - http://www.grhack.net
--ChanServ--      Registered: Aug 05 21:36:46 2010 EEST

--NickServ-- Information for nickname Slasher:
--NickServ--          Realname: LoCo En El CoCo
--NickServ--   Is online since: Dec 21 17:26:15 2010 EET
--NickServ--   Time registered: Oct 25 23:22:13 1999 EEST
--NickServ-- Last quit message: Ping timeout
--NickServ--    E-mail address: slasher@grhack.net
--NickServ--           Options: Kill protection, Security, Private
--NickServ-- *** End of Info ***

Maybe spyadmin is closed by google blogspot after the emails of grhack.net
Slasher cuz the stuff is related about him

but look the comments of this website and the date, to know the existance
of spyadmin


    (7 September 2007)

Now look also the date of the defacement in the zone-h digital archive:


and look the date too,
# Mirror saved on: 2007-09-08 13:58:32
# * Notified by: GHS
(8 September 2007)


Greek Hacking Scene has no colour and does not support any political side.

Take example to indymedia athens, i will give you 2 links, in the first
they say that GHS is nationalist and hack their website, and in the other
link on the same website, they give congratulations in GHS cuz they did
actions and defacements according to left ideology.

In fact GHS has it's own ideology and act as GHS believe.

1 link:

2 link:

The comments are yours, let see the Freedom of Speech now, the TRUE the

Somes they didn't learn from their mistakes. GHS has no hate for anyone and
act not for revenge causes or anything else. According to all our actions,
we do warning and when we act we just put the informations as is, we don't
put sauses, you put sauses maybe.

The reason i wrote this is the true and reality.

Before some years there are many "hackers" in Greek chat rooms etc, they
speak about theory and when kids comming to learn, they laught only at them
and they make those kids to become like them, liers without education and
knowledge, kids that become like them, to know just some words, theory
without they know what for they speak about and to spend lost time chatting
and destroy other kids comming. Members of GHS hacked and take access in
most and almost all Greek websites, chat rooms, irc servers etc, that was
security-hacking related. We are always here, maybe not the same persons,
but members of GHS are change all the time and keep the safe ideology. In
the other hand, we let teenagers who are interested to hacking, we turn
them to coding, to let them think their future, education, freedom ideas
and to let them want to do things and create. Defacements and Hacking are
our fireworks to let them get the magic and on the way to show to them that
there are so many tools and things on net to hack a website and hack, but
if you want to go more further, you have to learn coding, to explore, to
let your mind free and think far away, for what can be happen and what not.
To go a step further with their minds, not by giving them stuff in the
plate, but let them do it and explore it by their selfs! I know keeps that
believe and do things, on the way they do things and go advance, those kids
are the next cycle of GHS who will pass the same ideas, believes and
technology to the next generations.

Greek Hacking Scene 2010.

    [ All we can say is 'What?' ]

|--=[ 0x07 - Interesting mails ]=----------------------------------------=|

From: "L. *****" <l.*******@yahoo.com>
Subject: idea for next profile

my you should do a hacker profile on j3ster since he is one of the most
prominent hackers that I've heard about out there,

    [ Dunno the guy. We already chose one anyway. You may have heard of
      him. ]

or do one on that rat who turned in bradley manning

    [ The saying is not: Snitches get Prophiles. ]


From: infosec <infosec@cyberdo.net>
Subject: Release date?

Hi Guys,

Firstly, let me thank you for the on-going release of this great

   [ You're welcome. ]

Most of these e-zines surfaced and then disappears over the horizon yet
albeit the long term delays in-between releases :)you've kept this
Thank you.

    [ ^_^ ]

I am very much interested in the up and coming release and would like
to know the date or drop us a note on the website.

    [ Done. ]

Also, I'd like to know how to join phrack team of staff.

    [ There is a GREAT mystery about how the phrack staff acquires
      members. Sorry dude, there is currently no open spot :) ]



From: Zagan Hacktop <zagan@live.co.uk>

do you still have an IRC?

    [ We do. But it's a private one. We may open a public or half-public
      one someday... Don't hold your breath however. ]


From: daniel ***** <******@gmail.com>
Subject: new age LoD

hi am a head of a team that disided that LoD
is a legacy and cant just disappear... it must be reborn or the web will
loose alot and with the way things are going today
the web realy cant efored it or it will eventualy die for the simple

we are looking for the original LoD members (or at list any way to
comunicate with them)
(specialy for night lightning)

if this information can be passed to them it would be realy nice.. all we
want is a some advice (not technical) ...

my email is ******@gmail.com (nick: galeran).
if you can help please do

    [ Not sure about the true intentions but anyway this might help.]

|--=[ 0x08 - Greek people are angry  ]=----------------------------------=|

    [ For clarification purposes, we received this mail after we released
      the index and before we released the philes. ]


From: Iordanis Patimenos <iopatmenos@yahoo.gr>
Subject: Phrack 67

    [ So what, another greek? At least this one is not complaining about
      the scene phile ;) ]

YEAR: 2010, OSs:64-bit, protection mechanisms: ASLR, DEP, NX, .... , Attack
 mechanisms: JAVA VM exploitation, Flash VM exploitation, ... the only
thing you had to do was to let the knowledge flow.

    [ The only thing? Such a nice little kid daydreaming :) ]

What to do the info in 'Scraps of notes on remote stack overflow
exploitation', 'Exploiting Memory Corruptions in Fortran Programs Under
Unix/VMS' (FORTRAN wtf),

    [ FORTRAN... indeed :') We'll do something about COBOL as well (it is
      'safe' so no memory corruptions, something else). We'll keep you
      posted. ]

'A Eulogy For Format Strings' if we cannot apply on current protection

    [ Well that's the point. You can. Oh wait, you would have known if 
      you had kept your sorry mouth shut and actually read the papers 
      first :> ]

New edit or better you didn't publish this new fucking delayed, bad content
phrack p67, BIG FAIL, that's not the PHRACK we know. What a retarded
content you provided after all this waiting time!!! Not a chance to compare
to previous phrack issues. This issue is just a joke, nothing more, happy
1st APril assholes, you made PHRACK seems trash magazine.

    [ The cool thing with morons like you is that it would be pointless to
      explain things, which makes our job somewhat easier. Congratulations
      for your participation in p68, you've made it ;-) ]

-Fan of Phrack-

    [ Yes. It shows. ]


From: Nikol Eleutheriou <nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr>
Subject: JUNE 2011: PHRACK ISSUE #68 ... YES _THAT_ SOON

    [ Another desperate housewife? The name is familiar...]








From: Nikol Eleutheriou <nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr>
Subject: JUNE 2011: PHRACK ISSUE #68 ... YES _THAT_ SOON

Group: The Phrack Staff

    [ Hum, it seems that you have fixed the capslock problem.
      You're elite. ]

Most *FAIL* group ever in phrack, you hurt the magazine go away.

    [ Hey now I remember you!!! :) It looks like you are obsessed with us.
      You must be our number one fan in greece. Even now that we have so
      many greek fans. ]

    >>>>>>>>>> From earlier >>>>>>>>>>
    From: Nikol Eleutheriou <nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr>
    Subject: Phrack issue 58

    How can i get the binary-encryption.tar.gz
    from the article Runtime binary encryption?

    [ So:
        1. Did you manage to download the file? :)))))
        2. *EPIC* *FAIL*?


From: Nikol Eleutheriou <nikoletaki_87@yahoo.gr>
Subject: New phrack issue

    [ What? You again? ]

Marry Christamas :) and happy New York

    [ LOL. You're doing it wrong! ]

|--=[ 0x09 - PHRACK got spam'd? ]=---------------------------------------=|

From: ***** ******** <darkjoker93@gmail.com>

Hi guys :)
Here's an article I've just written, I know it's a bit late for the
submissions, but perhaps you may publish it in the next issue. Anyway, the
topic is how to bypass a captcha, and, in particular, how to bypass the one
on your site :). No offense, but it's really weak.

    [ None taken. We simply took the first capcha mechanism available on
      the web which was not going to get us owned. However we got spam,
      that's for sure, sorry about that fellow readers. ]

If you don't find it interesting please at least change your captcha
because I'm really sick (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) of reading
spam messages (I swear it was not me :).

    [ We'll do both so that you can get better :> ]

I'm italian, therefore my english is not very good,

    [ Nobody's perfect! ]

if the paper is so bad written it can't be even read, send it back to me,
I'll try to rewrite it in a better way.


    [ And that's the story of how his contribution got published in
      Linenoise. Thx darkjoker. ]


|--=[ 0x0A - The urge to get p68!!! ]=-----------------------------------=|

From: Barak ***** <barak*****@gmail.com>
Subject: Question

    [ This one is not the current president of the US, we checked. ]


I have been following the magazine for a while now and I have been waiting
for the new issue. Last I checked it was suppose to come out in June...
Can you let me know when I should except the new issue?

    [ Are you reading this? Then issue #68 is out. You're welcome. ]


    [ That's the problem with every issue, you should NEVER trust us when
      we announce dates ;) ]


From: Rodri ***** <rodrigo******@hotmail.com>

    [ Hey ANTISPAM is missing! ]


For godsake we are already in June!

    [ Sorry about that bro :) ]

Now seriously and kindly is it coming out soon?

Best regards.


From: LEGEND XEON <legend.xeon@gmail.com>
Subject: Phrack 68th Issue Release

Hello mate,
I am very interested in upcoming 68th issue of phrack.
The whole world is counting on you!!

    [ The whole world? Not even the whole scene mate ;) ]

I just want to know when will be the release and can you give me a glimpse
of contents inside it.
I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

    [ Hehe, hope you didn't wait too much. ]



From: fernando ****** <core******@gmail.com>

my life gets duller every day you don't release the new issue

    [ Let's hope this one didn't commit suicide before we released :| ]

|--=[ 0x0B - Students project? ]=----------------------------------------=|

From: "(s) Charmaine Anderson" <Charmaine.Anderson@students.newport.ac.uk>
Subject: Creating Middle-Ware for Distributed Cryptanalytic Applications

To whom it may concern,

I am contacting you to tell you about my final year project for my degree.
I would be very grateful if you were able to follow my progress and perhaps
 also contribute any tips and ideas. I will also be writing an application
which, if successful, I will be posting online for download.

Using the RC5 block cipher and the competitions run by RSA Laboratories
(1997-2007) as benchmarks, experiments will be conducted using different
methods of distributed computing. The implications of the results will lead
to a better understanding of how cryptanalysis can be conducted through
areas such as grids and internet-based cloud computing or virtualisation.

The reason for this project is that distribution methods have been used for
many years in order to conduct cryptanalysis; however, I have noticed that
this has been for purposes such as testing the security of new ciphers and
creating a better understanding of how they work. But, to my knowledge,
there has been little-to-no research into the implications of real-world
attacks through distribution.

To summarise, I plan to test the limits of computational security in order
to expose the possibility of real-world cryptanalytic attacks using the
'unlimited' computing power that is slowly becoming available to the

It is possible to follow the progress of this project through
http://www.distributedcryptanalysis.co.uk/. A number of blogs are also
being used in order to attract more interest, links to these will be posted
on the website very shortly.

Yours Sincerely,

Charmaine Anderson

BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing
University of Wales, Newport

    [ Well he seemed to be a good kid so we published his mail ;) ]


From: Johannes Mitterer <johannesmitterer@googlemail.com>
Subject: Hacker's Manifesto

Dear Phrack-Team,

currently I'm working on my bachelor's thesis part of which is an analysis
of The Mentor's Hacker's Manifesto. In this context, there's little
confusion about the question how the manifesto was first published. As I
understand it, the manifesto was first published ONLINE in phrack magazin,
whereas my professor stated that the first issues of phrack including Issue
#7 in which the manifesto was published were only available offline as a
printed version and later put on the internet. Perhaps You could help me
clearing up this confusion.

    [ Wasn't the early edition of phrack all scene .txt philes on BBSes?
    Like, #7 was pre internet for sure. I doubt that any of the editors
    back then would have bothered printing hardcopies, since it is
    extremely inefficient and expensive and the target audience is ppl w/
    computers. ]

Thanks in advance!

Johannes Mitterer

|--=[ 0x0C - Phrack & the chicks ]=--------------------------------------=|

From: kimberly - <*******@hotmail.com>
Subject: Graduate essay

Hello Staff,
We are senior high school students from 'Stella Maris College' in the
Netherlands and we are writing an essay about the reputation of hacking. If
it is okay with you, we would like to ask a few questions:
- How could you start the site, because hacking is illegal and it might
  endanger your users who discuss hacking?

    [ Wait it's illegal? We're shutting down the site immediately :| ]

- Have you ever gotten negative/positive reactions to your site? And what
  where those reactions?

    [ Well everything is in this file :D ]

- Is there any information that is not known to people who are not hackers
  and that is not easy to find in books or the internet? If so, where could
  we find this information?

    [ IRCS? Nah it's just for the chitchat :) ]

- Is there anything in your opinion that is so important, that we can't
  possibly leave out? We would be very happy if you could answer these
  questions or forward this email to someone who might know more about

    [ I'm not too sure you guys will be able to graduate with that many
      questions so good luck :D ]

Thank you very much in advance!
- Dingding and Kimberly


From: Eva ******* <*****@gmail.com>
Subject: Article

Dear Phrack Staff,

I'm preparing an article concerning some hacks to Linden Lab's SecondLife
viewer and I would like to publish the results in your magazine. Could you
please, if possible, provide some details where and to whom I should send
it to and if there are any requirements I must fulfil.

Thank you,

    [ We published the paper in the linenoise.
      Thanks for the submission Eva! Nice pics btw ;> ]

|--=[ 0x0D - ROFL ]=-----------------------------------------------------=|

From: ***** ***** <****.*****.****@gmail.com>
Subject: script

Man, I was bored taking a break from working on a vpn project at a library
and decided to make a script in bash to download and decompress the phrack
mags. Its newb meat but I guess Im just going to send it in for you guys to
laugh at, rofl.

    [ ROFL indeed. ]

Jackie ***** ****** - *"Focus on Solutions not Problems"*

    [ But you create solutions for non existent problems :D ]

Email0: *****.*****.*****@gmail.com
Email1: skraps_rwt@yahoo.com

    [ We added the script below. If someone could help Nikol Eleutheriou to
      decrypt it so that she doesn't complain please... ]

begin-base64 644 getPhrack.sh


From: Tom <thom128@gmail.com>
Subject: Phrack Rules The World!

Hi there,

I like hacking but I never done it.

    [ So how do you know that you like it? ]

Wrote a poem about it.

    [ Was it worth it? ]

I wanna work in IT as systems admin.

    [ Hem... ok? Why? :) ]

Please publish my poem in your magazine.

    [ Done! ]

Phrack Rules!

    [ Sure it does! ]

Heil from London, England.

Razor Tech Warrior

They told you that you were nothing
Just another name and number
They said you were dumb and dumber

But you stole
Their lives away
Network Nazi
Live to fight another day

    [ Network Nazi Live to fight another day <-- WTF ???? ]

Through the black
Of the nights metal sheets
In tower blocks and tenements
Cyber crime it breeds

The government will stomp you out
But burn their kernel
Lock it down
While others are still asleep.

    [ We are speechless. All we can say is: LOL. ]


From: Tom <thom***@gmail.com>
Subject: Some Photos From London

Hi there,

Just thought i would send u some pics of me and my family/friends. i love
the mag am a big fan...keep up the good work.

    [ And he really sent us pics. Your Grandma seems nice btw but you look
      like a virgin geek unfortunately :( ]


From: b-fox <*****@bol.com.br>
Subject: Hey... Mother fucker

    [ Hey. p0rn industry calls it MILF fucking ]

Wait my document... I'm gonna write I paper today about/regarding bomb
development and something abt legislation in general. Huge hug!

    [ Priceless. :') ]

|--=[ 0x0E - Shame Shame Shame.......shame on you ]=---------------------=|

From: varenya mehta <varenya2007@yahoo.co.in>

Run both ethernet and phone over existing Cat-5 cable

    [ Cool! New submission! \o/ ]

The new fad when building a house is to run Cat-5 cable to every wall jack.
These jacks can then be used for either ethernet or phone. When we got our
new house built, we chose to get four of these jacks, and we intended to
use them for phone service. Unfortunately, the wifi is a bit flaky in
places (even with two access points.) This got annoying up until the point
where three of the four wall jacks were being used for ethernet, leaving
just one for phone. This was a problem.

The solution is to run both ethernet and phone over the same existing cat-5
cable. Every wall jack becomes two jacks, one RJ-11 for phone and one RJ-45
for ethernet. This neat hack could save you a lot of money, as you only
have to buy new wall plates and jacks rather than wall plates, jacks, and
hundreds of feet of wire.

    [ Really cool hack. This one may fit in the linenoise :) ]


Also note that this procedure will not work with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
devices. Nothing bad will happen, it just won't transmit power. See step 13
for apossibly unsafe way to keep your PoE and add phone service. Also, it
will not work with gigabit ethernet-- gigabit ethernet uses all four pairs.
It will work fine at 10/100 Mbps which is sufficient for most people

    [ Wait! Something is wrong. What is step13 and aren't a few things
      missing? Let's google() a bit...



      So not only did you send us a ripped paper. But you idiot were not
      smart enough to click on "Next step" to copy the whole. LOL. ]

P.S. -please reply whether my submission will be added or not in this
edition of ur highly esteemed Phrack magazine...loking forward to your
reply :)

    [ Ur highly esteemed Phrack magazine would recommend to go shoot
      yourself. ]

|--=[ 0x0F - Insanity or SPAM??? ]=--------------------------------------=|


From: John Smith <devils-advocate-666@live.com>
Subject: Dear staff(at)phrack[DOT]org; I love what you guys do for the
U.S.A! Can you email your e news letters too please? Thank you.

Can you please add me to your e-news letter list, so that I can recieve new
updates from your cite? I totally loved what you guys had written about ai,
and mind hacking and about hacking for the U.S. and Cypher Punks & Ninja
Strike Force! Best of luck to all of you staff members at Phrack! I would
like to know if you guys could please email me back some information in
regards about rsome bank accounts that was on CRYPTOME, or if you guys
could tell me about how you all had cash flow that came from hacked ATM
terminals that you guys had done remotely, because I need to be hacking
systems right now and I had all of my stuff jacked and I was robbed with
all of your softwares that I had for CIA/ NSA and I've been trying to log
onto some banking systems for my  CIA/ NSA digital cash, or could you guys
send me some lock picks, or DIE BOLD keys to open some safes and vaults or
could you send me some Cypher Punks white paiges or other instructions to
interceptor frozen accounts on line and or how to obtain money for starting
a Cypher Punks EBB & FLO system to develope an agriculture business plan
that will help finance money for CIA & NSA op (ie- with IQT and with
Foresight Nanotechnology Institute and with CTBA.org) to counter the HASHID
culture?   Such as GSPC in Morocco and in Algeria, GIA, FIS, ETI, AQIM,
Sahel Pan, DR-CONGO, AQAP, Hezbollah, HAMAS, Hizbullah, IMU, and fighting
against the salafyists in the Magreb's EU-Arabia HASHID zones, and against
Brazillian Guerillas and Chychenian Rebels and mob and Russian Mob for
GAZPROM Russian Mob Oil Monopoly and countering all of these groups members
and contacts and countering their economic insugernt threats
internationally, by hacking into their networks and locating them with RNM
ai, and blood clotting the Evil Empire, and moving and on the GO like CIA
backing the "Wrath of GOD" and with the Cult of CIA's MKULTRA program, and
I mean redndering synapsial "WET WORK" by taking their ballance with the
"EXIT BLOW," for NSA/ CIA's Ninja Strike Force and I want to be taking our
threats to the Land of Snow and flurries will show me to the rest of their
Evil Empires members locations by terminating them with Illuminati and I'll
be hacking their minds and their bank accounts and stealing all of their
wealth and contacts and other intelligence for RED Team, and taking their
materials as loot, and sending it onto an encrypted site, but I want to
creat my own ai online site with grant.gov grant money asap, and then once
that's done I can go and locate them with RNM ai, but I would like  aving
somean ai quantum consciousness program with a self assembling "FOG" EW ai
HDD quantum computer with an infinite memory that would allow me to hack
bank accounts with an ip installed with nano-bio-technologies with inner
cellular blood vessel programming and cellular mind net morphing
technologies with RNM, nanotechnology made with a neuronal networking and
has a 3-d holographic video and 3-d holographic audio with real world and
mirror world ai 3-d/ 4-d softwares for an online Cypher Punks & Ninja
Strike Force & Cult of Dead Cow members with other CIA/ NSA Intelligence
Analysis Cammander's of Red Teaming (aka- COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE TEAM's ALPHA
& BRAVO:) Black Ops- Red Teaming  forum with an ai 3-d GOOGLE EARTH PRO GPS
softwares with a soft mobi GLOBAL IP softwares package STEALTH NINJA phone
with SIG PRO Telecommunications softwares for NSA & CIA CT:qto let me know
about a should

Tchao with Respect-

	[ What the fuck is that shit??? ]


From: John Smith <devils-advocate-666@live.com>

	[ Hey it's you again! ]

Dear Phrack magazine,
Hello my name is SA John Smith, I'm from No Town, VA. but moved to
Brosnan, Missouri a few years back, and just recently moved to the huge
L.A.; but, I would like to discuss some about covering some articles
about Konkrete Jungle music parties and drum and bass massives done
internationally, to help promote Cypher Punks Ebb & Flo Garden's and
to help promote Covert Operations and Covert Actions for Cypher Punks,
Ninja Strike Force, CIA MK-ULTRA and Red Teaming financing and donation
sources to do shadowing, spike zones, drop deads, and some net working
for some brush offs of information, softwares, and to cache equipment
and personell at Squats (ie- abbandonned buildings, subway stations,
subterrainean tunnels, Ligne Imagineaux types of areas, beach houses,
Four Seasons Resort, casino's, Def Con Seminar, yahts, and other jungle
music parties and be for the U.S. like the Maquis- WWII French Resistance,
OSS, OAS, SIS, CSIS, CIA, Mossad, Shin Bet, NSA, and others from NATO and
U.S. Coalition Forces, and some U.N. Merc's and other types of PMCS's
Mercenaries for hire;) But, also covering atm hacking, to recieve cash
and Flow in Game Theory like doing Parkour tricks in Mirror's Edge for
Intelligence Analysis Red Team Well, I gotta go now, best wishes to you
all, and I'll contact you again, or better yet, just contact me with ai,
and we can meet up.

The Devils Advocate.

	[ Spamming or brainfucked? ]

|--=[ EOF ]=-------------------------------------------------------------=|
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