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Current issue : #6 | Release date : 1986-06-10 | Editor : Taran King
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Phrack World News Part 5Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News Part 5
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 13 of 13


                         *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-*

                               Issue Five/Part 5

                            Compiled and Written By

                               Knight Lightning


Daniel Zigmond: Real Reporter or Freelance FED?                    May 20, 1986
This article in no way endorses one view over the other, but will try to look
at evidence and facts pertaining to both of the above statements.

Daniel Zigmond;  Wants to write an article on hackers and phreaks, our general
social atmosphere, and our side of the story.  He IS a contributing editor on
the staff of Amiga World Magazine and he has lived at 6735 Forest Glen Road,
Squrill Hill, Penn. and had the phone numbers (412)422-1979/7515 for at least 3
years.  Reportedly he has accounts on ARPAnet, Private Sector, and Byte
Magazine BBS.

He has been on several conferences and been talking to several phreaks across
the nation.  To name a few:  Blue Buccaneer, Cap/N/Crax, Compu-Phreak, Dark
Cavalier, Dead Lord, Final Impulse, Holophax Phreaker, Knight Lightning, Ninja
NYC, Scan Man, Sigmund Fraud, Slave Driver, The Bootleg, The Clashmaster, The
Infiltrator, The Firelord, The Seker, and TUC.

He tapes all his conversations and has tried to get people to call other
phreaks on 3-ways in attempts to gain their phone numbers.  He did however make
some attempts to help Sigmund Fraud after his near bust (see story in this

There are a few extremely odd things about Mr. Zigmond.

1.  He wants everyone to send him their codes, extenders, PBXs, diverters, etc.
    Even if they no longer work.  When asked why, he answered that he needed
    something to show his boss so he wouldn't be turned down because of what
    would seem to be a b.s. article.

    Why doesn't he just make things up?  After all he said that the stuff
    didn't have to be good.  His reply to that was that his boss might check a
    few.  Well if they were dead codes or PBXs or whatever then he would be up
    the creek anyway.

    Ok, forgetting about that for a moment, Zigmond also asked that people
    photocopy their notebooks and send those copies to him and that he would
    pay the postage and for the photocopies.  This of course means he gets your
    address and at the very least your township and such (that is if you don't
    leave a return address) from the postmark.

2.  He has refused to give out a phone number to reach him at work or at Amiga
    World.  Furthermore, he doesn't plan to have the article in Amiga World,
    but rather, he has stated that it would be sold to the Washington Post.

    Now I talked with people at the Washington Post and they know nothing about
    this.  I spoke with people in several different areas and turned a blank.
    They didn't even know who Zigmond was.

    This leaves 2 possibilities.  He either never really had any intention of
    submitting this article to them or was just sort of running with the mouth
    in search of glory and attention.

3.  A PBX that Sigmund Fraud had found while hacking in a UNIX was given to
    Zigmond.  It had never been used before, with the exception of a single
    conference to test it out, and within a week of giving it to Zigmond it was

4.  Another biggie is that Zigmond claims that by the time he submits this
    article in August 1986 (to wherever) that if he gets $900 for it, he would
    break even.  He is saying this from his phone bills and other expenses on
    the article.

    Now only breaking even after all that time, work, and effort seems a bit
    worthless to me, why would he do it?  You know, they say that fed
    informants get paid very well, not that I am suggesting that Zigmond is a
    fed informant.
Some other stuff that may be interesting to know is that Zigmond insists that
he will be getting accounts to Metal Shop Private and Stronghold East when
Taran King and Slave Driver have given very strong "no"s.  He goes around
telling this to people.  His phone answering machine gives you less than ten
seconds to leave a message, this is perhaps to prevent hacking, but
nevertheless annoying.
Now please everyone take this file in the way it was intended.  This is not
saying that Daniel Zigmond is helping the feds, he may be completely interested
and wanting to learn about our society.  From this I gather that he will learn
that in the phreak community we try to protect each other from getting busted
and that a reporter like him could literally destroy the phreak world if he was
working with the feds and left unquestioned and unchecked.

This article is a warning to all who may contact Zigmond to use your own good
judgement in dealing with him.  I'm sure that once he answers the questions
raised in this article then everything will be alright.
The only other thing I wanted to say is that in general reporters have hurt the
phreak/hack world tremendously in the past.  They bring too much attention to
the phreaks and bring us into the public eye.  As a result there has been much
more legislation creating news laws against us.  Some examples are evident in
this very issue of PWN.  Blue Buccaneer points out all sorts of things in
the new hacking laws article.  Remember the new laws about sysops being
responsible for the boards?  Did you see how that was used in the Teltec busts?
It getting incredibly dangerous out there friends, lets try not to make it any

:Knight Lightning

Defeat Richard Proctor In 4 Easy Steps!                           June 10, 1986
Who is this new investigator Atlanta?  What makes him today's newest and
possibly greatest threat to the phreak world?  The following information
concerns an MCI investigator named Richard Proctor, alias; John Proctor.
Richard Proctor, who also introduces himself to others as John Proctor, is one
of the various MCI investigators that now lurk the nation.  He is in charge of
most of MCI's security/investigation divisions, and is in charge of running the
southeast, east coast, and northeast MCI Investigations.  He has also been
involved with phreaks in the midwest and southwest.

I am not sure of the extent of his "jurisdiction," but all users of MCI should
be careful no matter where they are located.  Holophax Phreaker and The
Infiltrator can personally tell you how he runs the MCI Investigations as they
have been under investigation twice to date.  Holophax Phreaker is currently
still under investigation by Proctor and even by his own local Bell Operating
Company (BOC).

The first thing most investigators would do when they find an access code has
been abused is to wait until it has a large bill to act upon it (which may
never happen).  This is because it is unprofitable to the long distance service
to try to find and prosecute a person who has made less than $500.00 worth of
calls (depending on the LD service).

Richard Proctor is a very different case.  As soon as he finds an access code
is being abused, he will take immediate action.  The following is the series of
events which will take place once Proctor discovers an abused account.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In the following steps, "you" are the phreaker in question that was making the
calls (heaven forbid).  The steps listed are for both "you" and the person(s)
receiving the illegally made phone calls.

Step 1:  Proctor will personally call *EVERY* destination number on the account
         and ask for information on who called them on the date(s) the call(s)
         were made.  If it is a bulletin board, he will contact the sysop by
         voice or if there is no voice number available, he will send one or
         more investigators from the nearest MCI Investigations Department to
         question the sysop.  He will ask them for information pertaining to
         the phreaker.  Hopefully, your amnesiac friends will somehow forget
         all about you and be able to tell Proctor nothing.

Step 2:  Proctor waits a couple of days, then he again contacts the person(s)
         that received calls and says that he has found you and that you have
         told him that the people "you" had been speaking with also made those
         calls and that the Proctor will bust the person(s) who were called
         unless they would like to pay for the calls.  (If this part pertains
         to you, that is if you were the one who received calls and Proctor or
         any agent said this then, at this point you should contact an attorney
         as this is telephone harassment, a federal crime committed over an
         interstate communications carrier, and you could sue MCI or whichever
         company it involved).

Step 3:  If some of the person(s) called by you weren't as amnesiac as you
         would have liked when Proctor spoke to them and then Proctor calls you
         or your parents, then you should deny everything that Proctor accuses
         you of, no matter how many people he says turned you in.  Proctor will
         be lying (one hopes) so deny everything.

Step 4:  Proctor will call you again in a couple of days and tell you that you
         have one last chance to turn yourself in.  When you say no again,
         Proctor will try to scare you by telling you that MCI is going to make
         an example of you and prosecute to the fullest extent.  If Proctor
         does this, then you know he has no evidence on you or at most,
         circumstantial evidence.

You might get a couple of calls after that.  Keep denying it and make sure you
drop out of phreaking for approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months. If you get a call
from your local phone company then drop out for at least 6 months to a year.
They will most likely put a pen register or a DNR on your line.

Proctor has PhDs in Psychology and Criminal Psychology so be very careful!  He
can't do anything to you if you follow the above guidelines unless he had a
trace put on the account you were using.  If that is the case, then he will
show up at your door arrest you.  Your best bet is to stay away from it
entirely. Proctor's home phone is unlisted (of course), but his office number
can be obtained from any MCI operator.

                            Information Provided by
                     Holophax Phreaker and The Infiltrator

Quick Notes
Stronghold East is now running on a new Apple //e thanks to their friends at
AMEX.  They formally ran SE off of a Franklin Ace.              May 3, 1986
Most recently the hard drive at SE crashed and until they acquire the new
ProDos Apple net, they will be running Phlash-Net written by Phlash Gordon.
Rumor has it that the Apple Wizard was busted for dealing and using coke.
A guy named the CPTN was busted in Nevada for something pertaining to the
Captain Midnight incident.  He was also busted for carding and was caught with
illegally obtained modems.                                 Info by Death Angel.
A member of the Underworld Elite, run by Night Stalker, got busted for calling
the White House and making a bomb threat.  The Secret Service came to his house
and they knew he used illegal extenders to make the calls.  This user decided
to give them the number and his passwords to the Underworld Elite.  He was
deleted.          Info by Night Stalker, 5/11/86...The Underworld (216)356-9464
Telenet Bob was busted. The full story appeared in the April issue of 2600
Magazine.  Nineteen year old from New Jersey.  Name Robert Davenport.  $500
fine, $890 restitution to AT&T.                Info by Sally Ride:::Space Cadet
Bad Boy In Black has given up BBSing and Phreaking (for the most part) so you
probably won't be hearing from him again. He claims he has gotten bored of
BBSing and have had little time since the summer is rolling around. Therefore,
he decided to give it up all together.       Info by [bad boy in black] 5/11/86
Shooting Shark has also left the phreak world for the more or less same
reasons plus the fact that he is going to college.      Info by Shooting Shark.
In Texas, some cop was running a bbs called the Tunnel.  No one was busted, but
names and handles of those posting illegal codes were collected. The cop has
received several death threats.
The Slayer was busted on April 25, 1986.  Reportedly he was visited by agents
from Metrophone, MCI, New Jersey Bell, and the FBI.  His bust concerned Metro
abuse.  The Godfather, in Rhode Island, was also linked to this bust as well
and as of now has quite the phreak world, but no further information is
available on that.  Most recently it has been discovered that the Slayer has
been hired as a TSPS operator.
More news on The Sprinter here; after all was said and done, Sprinter plea
bargained (as expected) and plead guilty to the charges.  He spent 14 days in
jail, has a $2000 fine, 2 years probation, 200 hours community service, and of
course those lawyer costs.  He at this point has not accepted a job with
MicroSoft.                                               Info by Jester Sluggo.
It has been reported that The Mentor and Crustaceo Mutoid are now writing for
a newsletter in California called The Underground Informer.
The Arabian Knight was busted for conferencing.
The Guardian Demon (215) was apparently busted for Metrophone abuse, but formal
charges have not been brought forth.
Jester Sluggo has officially retired from all board calling and is now into
straight hacking.  He will maintain his contacts in the phreak world.  Sysops
are asked to remove his accounts.


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