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Current issue : #6 | Release date : 1986-06-10 | Editor : Taran King
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Title : Pro-Phile on Groups
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 2 of 13


                              Phrack Pro-Phile 3

                       Featuring:  User Groups and Clubs

                                  Written By
                        Knight Lightning and Taran King

                               On June 10, 1986

Welcome to issue 3 of Phrack Pro-Phile.  The information herein was originally
supposed to appear as a special issue of PWN, but instead was made this issue's
Phrack Pro-Phile.  Taran King and I have collected much information about the
different clubs and groups of today and yesterday and compiled in the form that
you will now see.
Extasyy Elite:  The story of Extasyy Elite is a sad one for the group was
                literally destroyed by its own members.  The Poltergeist turned
                in all of Extasyy after he got busted for carding.  This led
                the authorities to The Mentor who had stolen 30 Apple //es.
                Mentor's bust almost led to The Protestor, but luckily, The
                Mentor was able to warn Protestor in time.  (See Phrack World
                News Issue III).

The membership of the club included:

                  Bit Blitz                    Cisban Evil Priest
                  Crustaceo Mutoid             Kleptic Wizard
                  The Mentor                   The Poltergeist
                  The Protestor

Crustaceo Mutoid later joined the Racketeers, but now he and The Mentor write
for a California newsletter called the Underground Informer.

         Extasyy hung out on Hack Net BBS and FWSO, a bbs in Colorado.
Fargo 4A:  This group was started on a conference consisting of Bioc Agent 003,
           TUC, Big Brother, Quasi-Moto, Video Warhead, and the Wizard of
           Arpanet.  What they did was get several Directory Assistants on the
           conference, and each person assumed a role of some sort of telco
           agent.  Now they told the DA's that all their calls were going to be
           re-routed to a different location.  They got some of the DA's to
           believe them, and some of them were almost laid off because of this
           conference.  By the way, Fargo is in North Dakota, that's where the
           first DA was from.

           It is believed that Wizard of ARPAnet was busted by John Maxfield
           and that BIOC completely retired from the phreak world.  This group
           was unofficially disbanded, but several of the members are still
Five-O:  A reasonably new IBM kracking group, which was formally the Imperial
         Warlords.  Currently they are re-kracking software and claiming it to
         be original by themselves.  They are known for placing insulting
         messages towards certain people inside their re-kracked software.
IBM Syndicate:  This group was formed around April 6, 1986.  Its charter
                members included; Dark Creaper (916), Brew Associates (215),
                Major Havoc (301), and one other whose handle remains unknown
                to me at the current time.  They were a new phreak/hack/pirate
                group.  Unfortunately, this group (like so many others) died
                within its first month.
Icub (International Computer Underground Bandits):

     This is a hack/phreak group who's main emphasis is on phreaking.  It is
     based in Memphis, Tennessee.  It has 10 members in it, and the only
     semi-active member left is Doc Holiday.  Not much else is really known
     about this group except that it is inactive and there have not been any
     announced plans to revive it.
LOD/H:  Legion Of Doom/Hackers

        These two groups are very closely intertwined.  They both were formed
        on Plovernet. The founding member was Lex Luthor.  Through the years,
        there have been LOD/H bulletin boards such as Blottoland, LOD, FOD,
        etc.  Today there is Catch 22 and a new LOD bbs, supposedly being run
        by King Blotto.  The current member list of the group is as follows:

             Legion Of Hackers                      Legion Of Doom
             -----------------                      --------------
             Blue Archer                            Phucked Agent 04
             Gary Seven                             Compu-Phreak
             Kerrang Khan
             Lex Luthor
             Master Of Impact
             Silver Spy (Sysop of Catch 22)
             The Marauder
             The Videosmith

LOD/H is known for being one of the oldest and most knowledgeable of all
groups.  In the past they have written many extensive g-philes about various
topics.  (Please forgive any mistakes in the member list since this list was
provided by Lex Luthor approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months ago).
Metal Communications: A very large group that has written many files throughout
                      its existence.  Some of the boards in its menagerie
                      include Speed Demon Elite, Metal AE, Metal Works AE,
                      Metalland I and several others. The membership of Metal
                      Communications includes:

Cobalt 60/Crimson Pirate/Dr. Local/Red Pirate/Shadow Lord/The Angel Of Destiny
 The Apothecary/The Byte/The Byte Byter/The Dark Wizard/The Duke/The Dutchman
The Man In Black/The Prophet/The Pink Panther/The Voice Over/The Radical Rocker
                         The Warlock Lord/White Knight

Red Pirate, Crimson Pirate, and Dr. Local are the group's main ware

A subsidiary of Metal Communications is the Neon Knights whose membership

    Baby Demon/Jolly*Roger/The Blade aka Killer Kurt/The Master of Reality
                     The Metallian/The Outland/Zandar Zan
PAG/PAP: Phreaks Against Geeks/Phreaks Against Phreaks Against Geeks

         PAG:  This group was formed by TWCB Inc. as a joke on a conference in
               December, 1985.  The charter members were TWCB, Inc.  taRfruS,
               Blue Adept, The Clashmaster and a few others.  Later, Catcher in
               the Rye and the Slovak wanted to join.

         PAP:  In resistance to PAG, Boston Stangler and Micro Man formed PAP.
               Several others sided with them but were never formal members.

All of this nonsense was really started on the Dartmouth system and was mainly
a feud between phreaks in the Boston (617) area until TWCB got involved.
The Administration:  This group was sort of in two parts; The Administration
                     and Team Hackers '86.  The membership of these groups

                  Adolph Hitler...............Team Hackers '86
                  Alpha Centauri
                  Author Unknown..............Team Hackers '86
                  British Bloke...............Team Hackers '86
                  Dark Priest
                  David Lightman (214)........Administration Leader/
                                              Team Hackers '86
                  Dr. Pepper
                  Hewlett Hackard
                  Major Havock................Team Hackers '86
                  Mane Phrame
                  Mark Twain
                  Phoneline Phantom 1 - *Not* a member of Phoneline Phantoms.
                  Red Baron
                  Renegade Rebel
                  Sasha Kinski................Team Hackers '86
                  The President
                  Walter Mitty

The group did disband temporarily for reasons dealing with security, but now is
back together.  For other news about this group see the current PWN.
The Nihilist Order:  This group was really a loosely connected bunch of friends
                     and phreaks and not a true club.  It is based in Fremont
                     and Sunnyvale, California.  It was started by TRASk and
                     The Highwayman.  The membership includes:

             BelGarion/Ogre Ogre/The Animator/The Highwayman/TRASk

All of the members of the group have been busted or been involved in busts in
the past few months.  The Highwayman bit it in the Phoenix Phortress Sting
Operation, and the others all got caught on a carding scam.  Although BelGarion
was later released with no record.

One of the boards in the Nihilist Order's network is the Shattered World Elite,
which is sysoped by TRASk.  The group is currently inactive.
The P.H.I.R.M.:  A somewhat new group that recently has been accused (without
                 proof) of being fed invested.

                 Not much is really known about this group as they would
                 disclose very little information.  Some of the boards that are
                 now P.H.I.R.M operated include Thieve's Underworld, sysoped by
                 Jack The Ripper, World's Grave Elite sysoped by Sir Gamelord,
                 and SATCOM IV.

                 The P.H.I.R.M. reportedly will be releasing a newsletter.

                 The membership of the P.H.I.R.M. supposedly includes:

                    Archangel                  Blade Runner
                    Jack The Ripper            Sir Gamelord
                    The Stingray

                It is rumored that Blade Runner is the same person as
                Archangel and/or The Stingray.
TPM (The Punk Mafia):  This group when last checked had eight members.  The
                       following is a complete listing.

                 Arthur Dent                    Creative Chaos
                 Erik Bloodaxe                  Gin Fizz
                 Ninja NYC                      Peter Gunn
                 Rudolph Smith (703)            The Godfather (703)

The group will be going through a rebirth this summer.  Their main goals
include burglary, fraud, hacking, and phreaking.  Most recently The Godfather
retired and Ninja NYC came very close to being busted.  See Phrack World News
Issue V.
The Racketeers:  The new Apple pirating group was assembled by Apple Rebel. The
                 membership now includes:

         Apple Rebel/Crustaceo Mutoid/Hot Rod/The Micron/The Warezird
Tribunal Of Knowledge:  This group was formed very recently by Blue Buccaneer
                        and High Evolutionary with one purpose in mind:  to get
                        together to trade knowledge and information and to
                        discuss this information until all the members had a
                        good working knowledge of it.  The final result would
                        be g-philes written by the group about the topic.  On
                        the whole it was a good idea.

      The complete membership includes:

                    Blue Buccaneer          Chef Boy R Dee
                    Cyclone II              High Evolutionary
                    Night Stalker           Paradox
                    Professor Pixel         Slave Driver
                    The Inspectre           The Seker
                    The Wild Phreak
2300 Club:  Based in Cleveland, Ohio.  The 2300 Club is now being compared and
            treated as miniature mafia by local authorities.  This is mainly
            for crimes including the blowing up of cars.  Two of the members
            were caught for fraudulent use of a credit card and one has been
            arrested for car theft.  Which of the members that refers to, I
            don't know, but the membership of the 2300 Club included:

                    Dr. Gorey                       Dr. No
                    Eagle Eyes                      Judge Dredd
                    King Blotto                     Mr.  Modem
                    Prince Squid                    Spectreman
                    The Formatter
2600 Club/New 2600 Club:  Both groups are no longer in existence.  Originally
                          started as a local group of friends in St. Louis,
                          Missouri, it gained members quickly, too quickly, and
                          as the membership grew, the unity and productivity of
                          the group lessened until the group(s) finally broke
                          up.  However many of the members of 2600 Club now
                          write (or have in the past) for Phrack Inc.  Among
                          them are:

     Cheap Shades/Data Line/Dr. Crash/Forest Ranger/Gin Fizz/Jester Sluggo
   Knight Lightning/Monty Python/Phantom Phreaker/Taran King/The Clashmaster

                  2600 Club had no relation to 2600 Magazine.
Warelords:  There are 13 members in the Warelords and they are based in
            California, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington D.C., and Wyoming.
            Billibuster, a member of the group, said that the Warelords are a
            phreaking and carding group that also writes programs and sells
            them.  He claims that they are not pirates. The group isn't very
Other groups:
Catholics Anonymous: A pirate group
Elite Phreakers and Hackers Club:  From World of Cryton
Feds R Us:  Joke by King Blotto
High Mountain Hackers
Imperial Warlords:  See Five-O
Inner Circle:  The Cracker (Author of "Out of The Inner Circle")
Kaos Inc.
Knights of Shadow:  Sir Knight
MPG:  Midwestern Pirates Guild
NASA Elite:  Captain Kid
Neon Knights:  See Metal Communications
Phlash:  A relatively new Amiga kracking group.
Phoneline Phantoms: The Colonel, The Duke, The Executioner, and The Sprinter.
Phreak Hack Delinquents:  Metro Man and the Reaper (212)
Project Genesis:  Sigmund Fraud
RDTF:  Red Dawn Text-Files, Saltheart Foamfollower (SE) and Brain Gadget (Ca.)
Shadow Brotherhood
65C02 Elite (612):  Wizard of ARPAnet and The Count.  BBSes:  Irongate, North
                    Pole, The Guild, and The Graveyard.
The Dange Gang:  Maxwell's Demon
Triple Entente
2601 Club:  Formed by taRfruS to combat 2600 Club.
1200 Club
Ware Brigade
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