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Current issue : #6 | Release date : 1986-06-10 | Editor : Taran King
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Phrack World News Part 1Knight Lightning
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Phrack World News Part 5Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News Part 1
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 9 of 13


                         *-=+^ Phrack World News ^+=-*

                               Issue Five/Part 1

                            Compiled and Written By

                               Knight Lightning


Where is Taran King?                                               May 10, 1986
Taran King is generally thought to be a very mellow, easy going person.  For
the most part this is true.  However he also gets into major fights with his
dad. When Taran does get pissed he, gets violent.  In the past he has punched a
hole into his bedroom door and put dents in his refrigerator with his fists.

Most recently his dad found out about his collection of illegal knives,
including stilettos, butterflies, and survival knives.  They got into an
argument about this and eventually into a fight.  Taran stormed off to his
room.  Meanwhile, unknown to him, his dad called the police.  They took him to
a nearby hospital's adolescent psychiatric ward, supposedly for evaluation.  As
of June 14, 1986 he has been there for five weeks and the end isn't in sight.

For a while he had no phone of visitor privileges and there was no way of
contacting him.  This now has changed, but the problems have not been solved.

On May 23, 1986 he was let out on a pass to go see Judas Priest in concert (it
was great).  He has been let out on pass several times since then as well,
mostly on weekends.

As far as Metal Shop Private...

Well on May 12, 1986, the /\/impha and I decided to go to Taran's house to
collect the Phrack files and to add a few new modifications to the bbs so that
I could control it better remotely.  Taran's sister let us in, no problem.
Unfortunately, before we were done Taran's dad came home.  He immediately
spotted my car outside and burst into the house.  He was pissed that we were
there and made sure we weren't stealing anything (like I am really going to
steal from my best friend right?).  He assumed that the bbs had crashed and
that we were there fixing it.  He then decided that he didn't want us to come
over every time the board crashed and TOOK IT DOWN!

Metal Shop Private will return when Taran gets out, hopefully sometime in June.

Metal Shop AE                                                    April 27, 1986
Metal Shop AE is now the proud possessor of a full 40 megs of online storage.
It also has added an individual password system for greater board security and
now has an email messaging service online.

Metal Shop AE is sysoped by Cheap Shades.  It is one of the main distribution
centers for Phrack Inc.  It has the complete Phrack series online as well as
almost 1000 other files.

To become a member of Metal Shop AE, contact Cheap Shades, Taran King, or
Knight Lightning.

To upload files for distribution in Phrack Inc. be sure to upload them to drive
E which will save your file to a non-public viewable drive where it will stay
until it is edited for Phrack.

Mark Tabas and Karl Marx Busted                                     May 2, 1986
The story goes like this; Mark Tabas was working at a plant in Denver where
credit card blanks are manufactured.  He decided to take a few.  He and Karl
Marx then went about finding someone with an embossing machine to print some
stuff onto the blanks.  They were able to find someone and agreed to meet at a
motel to do the work.  Everything went well.  They were able to print card
numbers, names, and expiration dates that they had gotten onto the blanks.  To
celebrate they ordered a bottle of champagne from room service, and paid for it
with one of the cards.  At that point the guy with the embosser pulled his
badge, Secret Service!  Now Mark Tabas and Karl Marx are facing forgery and
carding charges along with theft for the blanks.

               Information provided by Sally Ride...Space Cadet

(Editor's Note:  At the time that this information was gained, Sally Ride
 commented that it may be a rumor.  Any inconsistencies are not his fault)
                                                                   May 15, 1986

We at Phrack have since uncovered more information about this bust.  Apparently
a guy named Will Bell, who's handle was Jack Bell, set up Karl Marx and Mark
Tabas.  Will Bell had the embossing machine and was not a member of the Secret
Service.  Instead, he was the son of a member of the Secret Service (although
maybe he was the son of a member of the FBI).  Since he was not a fed, this was
not a case of entrapment.  It is believed that Will/Jack Bell is originally
from the 312 (Chicago) area.

            Information Provided by Jester Sluggo and The Sprinter

FBI/Wylon In Action
On May 2, 1986, the homes of Cheap Shades and Kleptic Wizard received visits
from Edward P. Nowicki, Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This was not a bust in any way.  This agent was trying to gain evidence for a
telecommunications company known as Wylon, which is mainly based in the
Colorado/Wyoming area.  Apparently someone or several people had been calling
Kleptic Palace AE and Metal Shop AE illegally and Mr. Nowicki wanted to know
who had been placing these calls.

As far as Kleptic Palace AE, the calls in question were made on 2/9/86 5:12 AM,
2/9/86 4:33 PM, and 2/10/86 7:30 AM.  Although no specific order is mentioned.
The times of the calls made to Metal Shop AE are not available.  A third place
called was the home of TWCB Inc.  At the time of these calls Whackoland was
still up.

The agent expected all of them to have a caller log on the board but of course
neither of their AEs kept caller logs.  Not to mention the fact that no one
would kept a caller log for three months anyway.

Kleptic Wizard got a message to Taran King which was then sent to me, and
within the hour I arrived at Klepto's house where I discovered the FBI still
around, so after killing another 45 minutes, I went inside and met with Klepto.
Mr. Nowicki had left behind two things, his business card and a list of four
suspects that he was specifically trying to bust.  Apparently all four had been
caught for Wylon abuse in the past.

I recognized the name at the top of the list almost instantly and as a result,
saved a fellow phreak from a possible bust.  Two of the others are rumored to
have been warned as well.  However if this is untrue then the other three still
may be in great danger as of this writing.  All of the suspects live in the
Wyoming/Colorado area.

The homes of Cheap Shades and Kleptic Wizard were not searched and their boards
were not looked at.  The FBI agent even declined an invitation from Kleptic
Wizard to see the bbs.  This may be because he didn't have a warrant.

                            Information provided by
                        Kleptic Wizard and Cheap Shades

Administration Nominations?                                         May 6, 1986
In late April 1986, The Administration decided to have their yearly membership
drive for the group. The phreaks/hackers being voted on for membership

     Blade Runner/Jester Sluggo/Knight Lightning/Oryan Quest/Phlash Gordon
         Recent Change/Sally Ride/Slave Driver/Taran King/The Marauder

Many of the above and others had thought that they had been voted into the
Administration without even being asked.  However this was not the case.

David Lightman stated that the nominations were made public so that the
Administration members would know of the vote taking place on Administration
1.  Once the nominations were voted on, then the phreaks/hacks would be
formally invited.

I now pose an important question.  If David Lightman is the only regular board
caller of the Administration, then how would the other members know how to

So far the results of the votes have not been made public.  Not that it matters
that much because The Administration has now more or less completely fallen
apart.  It would appear that this new membership drive was an attempt to revive
the group with new blood.  However the group has been revived on its own, since
the formers members regrouped again...at least temporarily.

                  Some Information Provided by David Lightman

Trouble in Texas                                                   June 2, 1986
In the last week of May, David Lightman, decided to do a credimatic check on
Blade Runner.  To his great surprise, he found that Blade Runner worked for
Southwestern Bell Security.  He confronted Blade Runner with this information
and shortly afterward received a visit from Southwestern Bell Security, who
confiscated his terminal programs, his user files, notebooks, and g-phile
disks. He claims that his user files and g-philes were scrambled so no one
should worry too much.

Later that day, Sir Gamelord, sysop of World's Grave Elite, called David
Lightman and said that Blade Runner was on the board and acting really strange.
David Lightman told him what happened and they then hung up.  The next day
Blade Runner is a cosysop of World's Grave Elite as well as Thieve's
Underground, sysoped by Jack The Ripper.  Now Sir Gamelord denies the incident
ever occurred.  At this writing, David Lightman is laying low and retiring from
the phreak world until things clear up.

Sir Gamelord's side to this story is quite different.  Sir Gamelord said that
he, Blade Runner, and Jack the Ripper were forming a group called the
P.H.I.R.M. (see Phrack Pro-Phile 3 this issue) and that Lightman wanted to be
in and to lead the group as a subsidiary of The Administration (like Team
Hackers'86).  They refused, and took away his cosysop access on their boards.
Sir Gamelord says that Lightman is making this whole Southwestern Bell Security
story up to get revenge on them.

However, Lightman claims that he was asked to be a member of The P.H.I.R.M.,
but refused because he didn't have the time.  He did however recommend Digital
Logic, Ford Prefect, and The Lineman (sysop of the Lost City Of Atlantis).

David Lightman has since received his disks back but will not be around on
boards very much. The decision is up to you.  I will try to get more
information out on boards as soon as possible.

            Information provided by David Lightman and Sir Gamelord

Ninja NYC/Sigmund Fraud; Close Calls
Sigmund Fraud, famous for his incredible proficiency at "social engineering" is
now laying incredibly low after what is considered the closest call of his

The following must be regarded as pure rumor for the sake of non-incrimination
of those involved.  You readers know what I mean.
The story goes like this, Sigmund Fraud and a friend (the same one who went to
the Telepub'86 meeting in New York, however he has no handle) were able to
convince their local Bell company that they were another part of the same
company and were able to acquire; Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Speed Calling,
and Three Way Calling on to Sigmud Fraud's personal phone line.  Since SF's
friend lived in a Cross Bar (X-Bar) area he could not get these services so
they decided to get them for Ninja NYC.  They told him about it later.

Less than a week later, on the first Thursday of May 1986, Ninja NYC came home
to discover 2 telco agents awaiting his return from school.  What it boiled
down to was that "he" had committed several felonies and to make matters worse,
the people at the local Bell company identified Ninja NYC's voice as being the
caller, AND HE ISN'T THE ONE WHO MADE THE CALL!!!!   What it finally boiled
down to was that Ninja NYC had really received a very scary personal warning.

About this same time Sigmund Fraud is getting home and to his great dismay, all
of his new found phone features have been turned off!!?!  Sometime later (most
likely after the telco agents had left) Sigmund gets a call from Ninja NYC.
Ninja NYC of course tells him everything that had happened and warned him that
he was next.  Sigmund immediately called me.  We both thought Sigmund was
doomed and would be picked up very soon.

However this was not the case. The agents didn't show up and Sigmund had been
given a golden opportunity to dump all his illegal items and get his story
right.  That night I received a call from Slave Driver and Sigmund call me on
three-way and we discussed what to do next.  The problem was that Sigmund
didn't want to get rid of his illegal items.  He had boxes, manuals, notebooks,
and even a PBX in his room.  I told he had 2 choices; Choice A:  SF gets rid of
his shit somewhere anywhere, and the telcos don't get any more evidence or,
Choice B:  SF leaves the stuff where it is, the telcos come over and take it
and SF gets nailed worse.

When I left the conversation SF was still discussing what he should do.  The
next day, he was not visited by the telcos, he was not busted, but instead
received a call from his local bell company and was given a very strong verbal

Since that time, He has stopped answering his personal phone and believes that
line to be monitored.  Ninja NYC is almost definitely being monitored and
people have been asked not to call him.

Of course that didn't stop Daniel Zigmond from calling him.  This was in an
attempt to help Sigmund Fraud, but regardless may have done more damage than

                            Information Provided by
                  Sigmund Fraud/Slave Driver/Knight Lightning

Telecomputist; Printed Newsletter                                  June 8, 1986
From: Forest Ranger and "TeleComputist" staff,
To:  You!

I have drafted the idea for a newsletter and I stress the word newsletter.
TWCB had promised everyone a 40+, glossy page magazine for an outrageous
amount.  I do not want to say that we are taking TAP over because we are not,
but instead making amends for what TWCB did not do.  To show our sincerity we
will be offering the first issue free.  It will be your basic newsletter with
exceptional articles from experienced phone phreaks, computer hackers, and
telecom buffs.  Each issue will be a set four pages but since this is the grand
opening issue it will be longer (20 pages).  For the first free issue please
send a postage paid, self addressed envelope to:

                           TeleComputist Newsletter
                                 P.O. Box 2003
                             Florissant, Mo. 63032

Also, please send subscriptions to the same address.  The subscription fee
for the newsletter will be twelve dollars a year, fifty cents for back issues.
This is a monthly circulation and we encourage letters.

The "TeleComputist" Staff includes:

                     Forest Ranger/Data Line/Reverend Enge
       Ax Murderer/Chris Jones/Knight Lightning/Taran King/Mad Molester

                 Information Provided by Telecomputist Staff
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